Friday, March 4, 2011

{Family Pictures}

I thought I had already posted my favorite pictures from our family photo shoot, but I was wrong...unless I snuck them into another post.  Anyhoo, there is actually an interesting story about this particular day and I was so amazed that we got so many great photos from this sitting.  

We scheduled this sitting on Isaac's birthday.  David had the day off and it was one of very few that my super-talented cousin, Lindsey could schedule us for.  The few days prior were stormy and this day started good, but quickly turned very windy and we knew that a bad storm was coming.  We went to This is the Place park and it was so overcast and stormy.  Lindsey sat us down and took a few pictures, and then the wind blew in.  So, it was a crazy sitting and Eli didn't want to cooperate at all, but I must say that even though we got rained out, I couldn't be happier with the end result.

Photo credit to Green Apple Photography

Thursday, March 3, 2011

{The BYU Game...Pictures By Isaac}

Another year, another season of BYU football.  I gave David the camera the day of this football game and told him to be sure to take pictures of Isaac.  He thought it'd be fun to have Isaac take pictures instead.  Here are a few of his best shots.

 David...5 o'clock shadow and all. Actually, it's a few days of not shaving...details...


No comment...

 Look...a hand!

 The smoke after the cannon

 Nice trick

I love this one!

Ha, ha!

Go Cougars!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

{Kennecott Copper Mine}

For a Cub Scout Pack Meeting we took a trip to the Kennecott Copper Mine.  It was the first time I'd been there and I have to say it was pretty impressive.  Isaac loved the giant tires and looking over the railing at the gigantic hole in the mountain.  The enormous trucks that use these tires are pretty incredible.

Isaac tried to move this tire for about 5 minutes before he accepted that it was too heavy.

{Soccer & Lagoon Day}

I signed Isaac up for soccer for Fall 2010 and Spring 2011.  It was his first time ever playing, and it took a while for him to like it.  By the end of the season he loved it.  Since at this age they don't have any set positions he took it upon himself to be somewhat of a goalie--never mind that a couple of times he assisted the ball going into his own goal rather than preventing a score.  Ha, ha! But he did have a few assists and finally a score of his own.  That goal was the best ever and I'm so proud of my little boy.  

I took two pictures of the whole season.  Yep, only two pictures.  I really need to have a conversation with myself about my parenting responsibilities.   

Isaac is #8

Swarm of bees...

We took advantage of Tyler's work Lagoon day this year--as we have the past few years.  It was awesome to see how much Eli loved the rides.  The kid has no fear.  Isaac is now old enough to go on the Colossus, Roller Coaster and even Wicked--and believe me he LOVED them.  I think I screamed more than he did.  He was a good sport to go on some of the kiddie rides with Eli even though the big rides were the most fun.

Isaac's favorite color is green so he loves this picture!

Little pilots.

I think he's trying to be a monkey...?

Eli loved the train

This was his favorite ride!

This ride went to the top and dropped them and Eli loved it!

Can't handle the excitement in Dylan and Eli's expressions.

Friday, February 25, 2011

{1st Day of School}

August 3rd was Isaac's first day of Kindergarten.  Wow!  It was such an emotional day for me--not to mention an adjustment waking him up, feeding him and dressing him all before 8:30am.  I am determined to have myself and Eli ready before school each day, too.  Luckily, David was off of work this week and was able to go with us for Isaac's first day. 

We didn't know that one of Isaac's classmates from preschool would be in his class, but James is.  Yay!  These two boys are the best of friends and are two peas in a pod.

Isaac and James

Isaac was so excited to start school.

{Isaac's 6th Birthday}

For Isaac's birthday this year we decided to have a Pirate themed party at the Living Planet Aquarium.  It was a ton of fun.  We invited family and friends and partied in the sunken ship private party room.  It was one of the coolest party rooms I've ever been in--with a huge aquarium lining one wall, wooden tables and under-the-sea murals it was awesome!  We had pop and pizza and super-yummy cupcakes for dessert.  Then Isaac opened his presents and we were then taken on a tour of the aquarium.  We stayed for several hours, exploring all of the tanks and areas.  Happy birthday, big boy!  Love you so much!

Eating cupcakes and watching the fish...what could be better?

Isaac was so happy with his presents!

So was Eli.

Just what he wanted.

Silly Eli, with a goofy expression.

Check out that snake!

He did this a lot!

Branigan and a very excited Beau.

This was the first time we've seen the penguins.  They are so cute.

Eli doing his own thing...

Crazy driver.

{Independence Day}

On the 3rd of July David took Isaac to the Riverton Carnival again--a yearly tradition.  He and Isaac got back in time for the BBQ that my backyard neighbor, Lauren and I put together with a few of our other neighbors and their kids.  It was fun!  The boys always want to play in Lauren's yard with Cannon's toys--apparently they are way better than our toys.   

Eli loves doggies!

Eli was totally soaked by the end of the evening.

Testing the waters.  Note the obsession with carrying crayons.

After the BBQ we went back to the carnival to ride on a few rides and watch the fireworks.  Eli loved them.  We kept him strapped into the stroller so he couldn't escape in the darkness, but he decided he wanted to lounge with David.  After the fireworks I took the boys on the Ferris Wheel.  I love Ferris Wheels, but Eli kept trying to stand up and climb over the back of the seat.  Scared me to death.  I'm surprised I didn't pass out from the fear I felt just thinking him falling out.  Scariest. Ever. EVER!


Just chillin'

What was I thinking?  Longest ride of my life.


Of course Isaac had to ride on the train.

On the 4th of July--a Sunday this year we invited my Dad and Rondi, Tyler, Dolly and kids, Zach and our friends/neighbors Lauren, Brian and their kids Cannon and Lincoln over to do some fireworks.  But, before that we had some super yummy Tres Leches cake that I made with whipped cream, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries decorated to look like a flag.  I'm impressed with my creative culinary skills. 


Grandpa Brad and Grandma Rondi trying to keep Eli warm while we watch fireworks.

From left...Isaac, Cannon, Dylan and Jonathan.

It was a little breezy and cool, so there was a little difficulty lighting the fireworks.  Tyler and Zach are getting close...

The lighting crew.

Jonathan with his sparkler.

My little brother, Zach, with Isaac.